Super Premium Dog & Cat Food Delivered To Your Door

*Most Melbourne Metro Suburbs

Super Premium Dog & Cat Food Delivered To Your Door

*Most Melbourne Metro Suburbs

Super Premium Dog & Cat Food Delivered To Your Door

*Most Melbourne Metro Suburbs

Super Premium Dog & Cat Food Delivered To Your Door

*Most Melbourne Metro Suburbs

Super Premium Dog & Cat Food Delivered To Your Door

*Most Melbourne Metro Suburbs

AUSDOG FOOD Policy is if it is not Australian Made we don’t supply it.

Many brands are imported – where is your dog’s food made? Very few people ever check the origin of their food.

Keep Australians in work – Buy Australian Made quality products.

Ausdog Popular Products

10 Reasons Why We Have Recommended &
Supplied Advance for Over 17 Years to Our Valued Clients

1. Australian Made

Scientifically formulated for Australian conditions and made right here in Australia. Canned diets are made in Albury / Wodonga whilst the dry food is manufactured at Bathurst, thus ensuring it is one of the freshest products in the market place. Australia is one of the driest continents on earth and we have a very different lifestyle and relationship with our pets. ADVANCE is the only super premium brand that has considered this and developed a product for Australian dogs.

2. WALTHAM Science

Using local knowledge and global science from WALTHAM, “The world’s leading authority on Pet care and nutrition” The ADVANCE range is simple, uncomplicated and is the most tested Super premium foods tested right here in Australia, thus giving me the confidence to recommend it.

3. Quality

ADVANCE is the ONLY super premium food that has not had a product recall which is important to me. Every time I recommend it or sell a bag I’m putting my own reputation on the line.
We have over 1,000 clients using ADVANCE. Many of our Client’s dogs are now over 12 years of age they have been on ADVANCE since puppies. They are still going strong, and looking great.

4. Recommendation

Don’t only take my word for it, it is one of the most recommended brands in the specialist channel
– Recommended and Fed Puppy food by breeders
– Recommended Adult Food by Breeders
– Recommended food by Australian vets
– Recommended by Guide Dogs Australia

5. Performance

Why is it recommended by Australia’s top breeders? Because it is the most successful brand in the show ring for the last 5 years. In the last two years alone the #1 dog in Australia has been fed ADVANCE. The top breeder in Australia since 2009 feeds ADVANCE.

6. Knowledge

Any pet foods can talk about nutrition, quality and product performance, but ADVANCE also backs this up with tools to help pet owners whether you’re a new pet owner or had a dogs for years. On their website you can find pet advisor apps, weight loss apps. 

7. Keep it simple

Pet food is getting complicated now days and the ADVANCE range is easy to navigate and recommend because they don’t over complicate things and have a food for all life stages and life styles.

8. Philosophy

Their philosophy is Prevention is better than a cure. Feed a dog as you would feed yourself. For good health eat a good balanced diet to suit your lifestyle. ADVANCE covers all breeds and lifestyles. 

9. Premium Ingredients

Premium Health comes from Premium Ingredients. Just as for people, the quality of the food that enters a Pet’s body is integral to your pet’s health. ADVANCE use only the highest quality, freshest ingredients. Locally made, developed cutting edge nutrition, made in world class facilities.

10. Cost

ADVANCE is Australian made and have proven to me they are equal to if not better than imported brands and are typically 10% cheaper. Ultimately I’m after client satisfaction. If I can give you a world class proven super premium food that you can trust, is also cheaper, then I have just delivered on my promise of Client Satisfaction. 

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